Storage Emulator

Calsoft’s Storage Emulator software performs scalability testing on large storage configurations without requiring the large physical storage. The tool is flexible enough to be used in development, testing or QA labs.


Value Proposition Test Scenario
  • Real life test scenarios with high level of scalability
  • Reduced testing cost due to elimination of
    multiple JBODs, storage arrays
  • Huge reduction in lab space, power and cooling cost
  • Reduced time to market and increased user productivity with quick disk deployment
  • Ease of use and centralized management
  • Rapid Automation
  • Improved product quality and higher customer satisfaction with extensive testing
  • Bug finding and fixing in development cycle; Reduced time to debug issues in customer production environment; Logging and User interface
  • Large number of LUNs – Error injection & conditions
  • System configuration
  • Advanced SCSI features
  • Logging and user interface

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