iSCSI Test Offerings

Calsoft’s iSCSI test offerings enable storage vendors to achieve faster ‘time-to-market’ by reducing test cycles for their solutions.


Custom built or off-the-shelf iSCSI hardware and software targets can be tested for each of the 16 test categories listed below:


  • iSCSI Protocol Conformance Test Suite
  • Certifications
  • Target Interoperability
  • Multi-Pathing at Target and Initiator
  • Target Configuration,CHAP,SLP,Discovery
  • iSCSI Security Testing
  • iSCSI Persistent Reservation
  • Driver Install and Upgrade
  • T10 DIF Testing
  • Software Management, CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • Limits,Boundary Conditions Min-Max value
  • Performance Characterization and Regression
  • Workloads
  • Data Consistency / Validation
  • Statistics and Diagnostics
  • Storage Platform Testing


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