iSCSI Protocol Conformance Test Suite

This IP is a protocol testing and analyzing tool of choice for storage vendors. The test suite offers iSCSI protocol conformance testing to vendors for testing any iSCSI target implementation. It provides IP Storage Area Network (SAN) developers with a mode for testing iSCSI behavior in heterogeneous, high performance IP SAN.

Value Proposition
  • Deep domain expertise in testing iSCSI target implementation
  • Readily available test cases give customers a lead time for test planning and test development cycle
  • Team of technical experts with deep understanding in iSCSI SAN environment with minimum learning curve
  • Test any “iSCSI target implementation”
  • Check for compliance with iSCSI protocol (RFC 3720)
  • Build automated regression test suite using scripting feature

Calsoft’s iSCSI Protocol Conformance Test Suite has individual tests that depend on three main modules:

  •  SCSI CDB Library
  •  iSCSI PDU Library
  •  Connection / Login Management

The tests use these three modules to send and receive PDUs to and from an iSCSI target and test the protocol by validating all the fields in the PDU.

iSCSI Protocol Conformance Test Suite Architecture



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