File Systems Emulator

File Systems Emulator helps backup software companies to create/re-create the data source of terabytes / petabytes with either nil or minimal physical storage space usage and with configurable parameters. File Systems Emulator also significantly reduces the source creation time.

Value Proposition Product Features
  •  Improved performance of backup application
  •  Very quick in populating file systems with petabytes of test data.
  • Single machine can rapidly create multiple huge “sources” to backup
  •  Ease of changing configurations using virtualization
  • Easy tuning of testing parameters
  • Ability to test large (in petabytes) amount of data for scalability
  • Large amount of data (in petabytes) for scalability testing
  •  No / minimal physical disk usage
  •  Ease of changing configurations using virtualization
  •  Ability to re-create the same file system

Typical lab architecture before File Systems Emulator



Typical lab architecture after File Systems Emulator 


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