Accelerator IPs

Exponential growth in today’s businesses is forcing enterprises to rapidly acquire large storage hardware and software technologies to store, manage, and backup data. This is forcing vendors to test their products against multiple hardware devices to ensure interoperability, functionality, scalability, error scenarios and more.

To test and deliver quality, storage vendors need to overcome challenges such as to create a variety of representative real world scenarios having a range of disks with different make or personality, sizes, and error conditions. Calsoft’s virtualized test environment allows you to carry out testing without physical hardware.

Calsoft provides ready-to-use modules to accelerate your product engineering efforts. We are one of the first Indian companies to develop a series of products such as Storage Emulator, Hosts Emulator, File Systems Emulator, and the iSCSI test suite.

Storage Emulator

Calsoft’s Storage Emulator software performs scalability testing on large storage configurations without requiring the physical storage. Read more

Hosts Emulator

Hosts Emulator is Calsoft’s virtual test suite product used for testing storage hardware, storage platform software and storage management software and storage applications at a very low cost using state-of-the-art virtualization technology.. Read more

File Systems Emulator

File Systems Emulator helps backup software companies to create/re-create the data source of Terabytes/Peta bytes with either nil or minimal physical storage space usage and with configurable parameters. Read more

iSCSI test Suite

Calsoft has developed “iSCSI test Suite” for various scenarios such as functional and negative testing. Read more


Calsoft’s nCIFS performs scalability testing of NAS (CIFS/NFS) products using thousands of simulated clients and results in ease of deploying various test scenarios. Read more.


Calsoft’s TestXcel is a Framework as a service that enables test automation, targeted for an audience with little or no scripting experience. Read more.


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